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After five years in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, and our lease there expiring, Tracie decided it was time to relocate versus renewing the lease. After more thought and much deliberation with the team, she and Ian set about finding a suitable match for our needs, settling on The Work Lofts in Interbay. Now, if you have ever up and moved your lab, or relocated any kind of business, you know this is no small feat. Consequently, you may be wondering why Trace would make such a decision given the bright, airy, open and spacious building we considered our second home, never once thinking we'd ever leave. Isn't it easier to become complacent? To ignore those round pegs trying to fit in square holes? After all, no place is perfect, I'll give you that. But this? This came down to efficiency. Besides, when we signed the Magnolia lease in 2016, we had different dreams, different goals. We didn't have grandchildren. Tracie hadn't been diagnosed with cancer.... We also hadn't understood the whole splitting of the triple net (specifically how it would effect our bottom line), how little control we would have over the heat and air conditioning in our space, the cost of gas we didn't even use.... We also weren't facing unprecedented times due to a global pandemic in which so much of everything lay uncertain. Bottom line? It behooved us to move. It was in our family and our employees' best interest to move.

So move we did. With it's multitude of address change updates (U.S.P.S., case boxes, invoices, quality control sheets, letterhead, Google Maps (very important), the websites, and all across social), setting up our eight 3D Printers, creating a welcoming office area, functional wet lab, ergonomic acrylic station, and well lit bending area, we are definitely feeling all settled in. We take full advantage of the courtyard on nice sunny days, the gym and showers, as well as Whole Foods right next door. We're getting to know some of the other business owners in the building, and our favorite mailman from Magnolia has even come by to visit.

Fast forward seven and a half months, and while we are sad our previous landlord has been unable to re-rent our old space, we could not be happier with our decision to move or our new location. If you are in the market for business space in Magnolia, or here in Interbay, do reach out to us for contact information. While we don't miss the inefficiency of the old building, we do miss our mailman Jeff and previous landlord, Barbara.

Now, if you're still holding on to any case boxes and the old Thorndyke address is still on the label, please return them with our Driver, or come on by 1631 15th Ave W, Suite 113, so the transition is fully complete. Thank you, take care, and Happy New Year.



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