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Color & Graphics Matter

Think your patients don't care about retainer art, or "swag"? A quick search on Twitter yields a lot of insight about how our kids feel about their orthodontic treatment and having to wear a retainer (for the rest of their lives oh my!)

Consider the difference it makes when they actually want to show off their retainers!

Or brag about how Bae looks wearing hers

Hence the update to our Color and Graphics Chart! It only feels like we've been working on it forever, but finally! To the patients of doctors we work for, tag @traceortholab wearing your #RetainerSwag on any Social Media platform for a chance to win some ortho swag courtesy of Trace Ortho Lab!

To our valued clients, look for your new laminated Color and Graphics charts during this weeks deliveries! As always, thank you for you supporting small business.

Trace Ortho Lab Color Chart
Trace Ortho Lab Color and Graphics Chart Orthodontic Lab Seattle

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