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What Sets Us Apart

Having built Trace Ortho's client base from one client (thank you for your faith in me, Dr. Zeeny Teja!) to the more than 150 clients we have five years later, I am fully dedicated to its success and stand behind the core principles from which it was created and has evolved since 2011. As a hands-on, full-time member of this team, my reputation and my future are on the line with every single appliance that leaves our lab and every interaction dentists and orthodontists, as well as their staff, have with my team. I take that responsibility with pride and satisfaction every day.


I also seek out and hand choose the staff that I want in my lab and out on the road. I believe you'll find the dedicated team member who delivers your product to be courteous and professional. The same applies when you call in to speak with one of our Techs, all of whom are always available to discuss a case or consult on treatment appliance options, just give us a call at 206-659-2103. Communication is very important to our success and yours, so we will always do our very best to keep the lines of communication open to you and your staff. Whether it's a phone call to me directly at 206-659-2103; an email to me at traceortholab@gmail; a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or LinkedIn; a comment here on this website or our ShockShield MouthGuard website; or verbally through our driver, we want to hear from you.


Regardless of our success and growth, my commitment is steadfast in ensuring each of my clients experiences the very best customer service possible. It is why I stand behind every appliance we fabricate. From your initial phone call to the pick-up and delivery of your appliances, you'll experience personalized attention, a friendly smile, unmatched quality, and pride in the details that set us apart from other local labs.




As our on-time delivery of appliances is nearly perfect and we never want your patients waiting in the chair for their appliances, we appreciate clear communication via the Rx when patients are due back for their next appointment. This is not only crucial for us to meet our mission statement successfully every day, but is also vital to our core culture as a small business to treat our customers better than the mega labs who decide when you will receive your appliance. Open communication and constructive feedback also aids in our continued forward movement toward our company and personal goals.  


Since every practice is different, and we specialize in working closing with each practice in order to best meet their specific needs, we encourage your team to discuss any and all matters of concern with us. As individuals and the driving contributors of a thriving business, it is our desire to never stop growing and learning toward the betterment of our practice and yours. 



A commitment to this end is only achieved with your help; as we can only learn from the mistakes you tell us about and we can only grow when you allow us to fix those mistakes and do better next time. We want to know when you aren't happy. Bottom line? We're not satisfied with satisfaction! As your dedicated, full service dental and orthodontic lab, we relish the opportunity to continually focus our services specifically to you and your practice and assist in serving your patients the very best way we can. My goal is for you and your staff to experience product quality and customer service like NEVER before!


Your partner in orthodontic treatment -

Tips for Ensuring Success

To this end, we have found it helpful when practices schedule delivery of appliances for patients being seen in the morning and early afternoon for the day before the patient's appointment.

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