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Why Try Trace Ortho Lab LLC

Your dental and orthodontic lab should be your ally; and, as far as ally's go, you can't do better than Trace Ortho Lab. Your success is our success and we will work for it as esteemed members of your valued team. We are dedicated to the dental and orthodontic appliance needs of your patients and strive to ensure your appliances are filled as prescribed with minimal need for adjustment when your patient is in the chair.


Furthermore, we take great pride in the appliances we fabricate, as you may have noticed if you found us through Social Media. We want your patient to wear their retainers and keep their teeth straight. To that end, we are very active on Social Media, promoting not just your patients retainers, but also their orthodontists and dentists! We challenge you to find a more thorough, detail oriented manufacturing team, or a lab staff as dedicated as ours.


Not everyone can be everywhere! Let us help you spread the word about your practice, the importance of oral hygiene, dental health, and the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Watch how together we can further the goals of both our practices. 


After all, we're all in this together!

If our Website Details, Testimonials​, and Social Media Presence has not convinced you that we are the dental and orthodontic lab for you, allow Tracie Thomas an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your concerns and specific needs. We believe after a Meet & Greet with Tracie, you'll be convinced Trace Ortho Lab can only serve to fortify your practice and impress your patients.


See what sets Trace Ortho Lab apart from your current lab and schedule a Meet & Greet using the box below. 

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We'd also like to encourage you to reach out to the practices we serve for a recommendation. Check our testimonials page or our Pinterest Board for names.

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