Appliances We Fabricate

Following is a list of our most requested dental and ortho appliances, however please note our Master Techs can fabricate any appliances needed to treat your patients. Describe your needs on the Rx--be specific as to preferred wires and clasping--or give us a call at 206-659-2103, and we will work directly with you to ensure delivery of the highest quality product made to your exact specifications. You won't find that at a mega lab, or many small labs for that matter, but is just one of the ways we set ourselves apart from our competors! 

Thermoformed Appliances

Essix/Invisacryl or Mini Positioner (1mm or 1.5mm)

Snore Guard

Essix Flipper

Erko Hawley

NightGuard (Hard or Hard/Soft)

Sports Mouth Guard

Removable Acrylic Appliances

Standard Hawley w/ Adams Clasps

Wrap Hawley

Wrap Hawley w/ Keeper Wires & Acrylic Bow

Wrap Hawley w/ Acrylic Bow

Full Palatal Stent

Wrap Hawley w/ Keeper Wires

Traditional Flipper

Kois Deprogrammer 

Single Screw Schwarts

Split Pallat Hawley

Two-Way Sagittal 

Twin Blocks


Three-Way Schwarts


Standard Hawley w/ Ball Clasps

Standard Hawley w/ C Clasps

Fixed Appliances

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)/Hyrax

E-Arch Expander

Band & Loop Space Maintainer

Tongue Crib (Fixed or Removable)

Lower Holding Arch (LHA)

Trans Palatal Arch (TPA)


Bite Plate (Fixed or Removable)



Quad Helix (QH)

Bonded 3-3 Retainer


Trace Ortho Lab



2112 Thorndyke Ave W

Seattle, WA. 98199


Tel: (206) 659-2103

Fax: (206) 701-7797

ShockShield MouthGuards Click Here
ShockShield MouthGuards Click Here
ShockShield MouthGuards Click Here

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LAST UPDATED 2/10/2019

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