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Twenty Seventeen Came

and this happened

April is National Facial Protection Month.

See what Trace Ortho Lab LLC and ShockShield MouthGuards are doing to protect athletes and our youth in sports

Hello Bigger Lab

Friday 3/25/16, early afternoon

As soon as Ian left for the days deliveries, Calvin and Mitch feverishly packed their stations, which at 2pm were being delivered here 

Friday 3/25/16, late evening

Thank goodness for take-out! If you're in Magnolia Village definitely check out Kinnaree for Thai specialities! 

Saturday 3/25/16, uh? Not quite dark thirty?

As a small business with a valued repuatation of dependability, we could not close for even a fraction of the day ... 


Friday 3/25/16, early evening

As things were delivered, Tracie and son Kris began setting up the workstations as Tracie had invisioned 

Saturday 3/26/16,mid morn

Tracie and Kris were back at it but the office could come later. For now we have a new invoicing office!! Just wait for the pics!


... (not that we would want anyone else setting up Trace Ortho Lab LLC) but it did mean Subway for Easter dinner and complete exhaustion through Tracie's birthday that Monday

We're Officially an LLC!

Trace Ortho Lab LLC

Bye Unit E

Unit E served us well over the last 18 months but we've been bursting at the seams long enough! We packed the team - including Loki & Sadie - and moved from our scant < 500 square feet of cramped space to over 1,610 glorious square feet of open space, two closed offices and lots of storage!




Moved Thanks to Growth!

About two miles separates our previous Lab on the edge of Discovery Park in the Lawton Park neighborhood and our huge new Interbay space just east of Magnolia Village.


Our new Lab offers two covered parking spaces for our delivery drivers, plenty of free parking for Dentists and Orthodontists wishing to stop in to consult on a case, an additional 525 square feet of adjoining space just waiting for future expansion, plenty of windows and bright light, and the open expanse just beckoning us toward continued success.


It's been a very busy few weeks, but we couldn't be more excited! Stay tuned on our move news and hiring progress here and on our various Social Media outlets.

Thank you for joining our small orthodontic lab on this journey toward concussion awareness, the importance of providing our athletes and youth in sports professionally fabricated, custom fit sports mouthguards fabricated with quality material and superior technology.


We're honored by the values and work ethics that have served to build our business from the ground up. We take pride in our ability to expertly cater to the dental and orthodontic appliance needs of the practices we partner with and look forward to the mutually benefical growth our collaborations can lead us to while best serving the needs of your patients -- all from our brand new location!


Visit us at 2112 Thorndyke Ave W

(SouthEast Magnolia)

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