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Why should you use an out-of-house lab?

Having an in-house lab certainly has it's benefits, we can't deny that. With a skilled lab tech in-house, you can presumably have someone right there to make adjustments.

But what if you outsourced to a lab and  found  that their frameworks are so perfect every time that little to no time was spent making adjustments anyway?

You may think that with an in-house lab, you can have an appliance ready much faster, right?


But did you know Trace Ortho Lab offers next day turn-arounds?

What if we told you our owner started out as an orthodontic assistant before learning how to fabricate appliances? This makes her an invaluable asset to work with in that she has an expert understanding of the mouth which comes in handy for open communication when fabricating appliances.


It also means that she has seen the day to day pressures of working in a clinic and will have a better understanding of you and your needs when it comes to working together.

Maybe there are just a few appliances that would really free up some time for your practice if you could just have an outside lab make them?


With a fast, quality, full-service lab at your service, you can't lose!

In an article in the Modern Dental Network on growing your dental practice, Dr. Christopher Phelps suggests observing corporate DSO offices and doing what they do:

You need to think like a businessman. Your practice buys a large amount of supplies and services every year. When was the last time you put them out to bid?  Are there certain office functions, like collections and billing, that might be more affordable to outsource than to keep in house? Think like a corporation, not a craftsman, when it comes to analyzing expenses.


By allowing a locally owned and operated lab to meet your dental and orthodontic appliance needs, you are not only helping a small business owner grow a thriving, successful business, you are also allowing your own business to focus on doing what you and your staff do best! Treating your patients!


Outsourcing your lab work eliminates the cumbersome details of maintaining the supplies, inventory, and equipment necessary to fabricate the retentive, removable, and fixed appliances your patient's in treatment require. That doesn't even include the wax-up or diagnostic study models which involve so much time, many labs outsource this function to allow them more time to focus on what makes their business the most profit.


Thinking like a business professional is solid advise.


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