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Dr. Hiedi Horwitz

West Seattle Ortho

At the beginning of 2012, Tracie (Thomas) contacted me when she opened Trace Ortho Lab in Seattle. After eight years of being last in line with the labs I was currently using; (late deliveries, missed pickups and deliveries, broken appliances) I was fed up with paying a premium for much less than premium lab results and poor customer service.


Tracie and I met, and discussed the designs of the appliances I most commonly use, and then we were off and running!! When Tracie has a question about anything we send her for fabrication, she will come in personally and go over it with me. When we brainstorm and design special use appliances, it is so rewarding because communication is easy between us, so we can deliver the best possible product to the patient. 


Tracie's experience as an orthodontic assistant gives her an edge when it comes to knowing what we need and when we need it. The appliances from Trace Ortho lab come back on time, and we rarely have a problem with fit. In the rare (maybe one or two) instances when we've had to send an appliance back, Tracie returns it to us with no fuss and no questions asked. Her work is impeccable, and her fees are very reasonable for the high quality of work we receive. I am just so happy that we found each other!!

Dr. Hilton Herrin

West Seattle Dental Center

Trace Thomas at Trace Ortho Lab is demonstrating the kind of old-school dedication to customer service that is rapidly fading from today's mega-labs. She listens to her client's special needs, produces high quality appliances at a fair fee, and returns the cases in a prompt manner.


I would highly recommend her lab for all of your orthodontic needs- she is a welcome addition to West Seattle!

Dr. Brett Fidler

Factoria Orthodontics

Trace Ortho lab is very efficient, has outstanding customer service and very fair pricing.  They always have a very fast turn around time and communication is great.  We can really rely on them, if we need an appliance done in a rush and back to us in as little as 24hrs, even the same day at times. 

Dr. Mark Bingham

West Seattle Dentist

I want to shout out to my dental colleagues about a new dental lab that specializes in removable orthodontic appliances. Trace Ortho Lab, owned by Tracie Thomas is close to my West Seattle office.


This makes turn-around on short notice a real snap. The location of her lab gives the drivers ready access to major roadways going north, south, east, and west. She has been helpful in accommodating my special requests; being close to my office makes it easy to get together for challenging designs, such as Essix style flipper retainers.  She also stands behind the quality of her work; graciously taking care of my patients when special modifications are needed.


I hope you give Trace Ortho Lab a chance to impress you with outstanding service.

Boxer John

I absolutely love my Shock Shield MouthGuard! I am a avid boxer and spend time with my Ducati at the race track. I plan on boxing and riding for many years and I want the best protective gear available. The mouthguard designed and custom made for me at Trace Ortho Lab is second to none. It fits my mouth perfectly, looks amazing and gives my teeth, jaw and brain significantly more protection than any other mouthguard available anywhere. This is the ONLY mouthguard I will wear.

Mrs. Baughman

Snore Guard

WhaI don't often give a 5 star rating, but they deserve it. My husband's snoring could be heard from any room in the house before he got his snore guard from Trace Ortho Lab. It has been a life saver for me and a marriage saver for both of us. We can now sleep in the same room again...after 2 years of sleeping apart. THANKS Trace Ortho Lab!!!


When Leo delivered Tracie's Christmas Tree in 2014, he described a long standing fear of dentists in addition to pain in his jaw upon rising in the morning. After referring Leo to Dr. Kathleen Saturay, Trace Ortho Lab fabricated a NightGuard to help with Leo's night grinding.  

No Longer Crooked

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Never having had braces and forever self conscious about smiling with teeth, I couldn't afford Invisalign when my Dentist recommended a Trace Ortho Lab Mini Positioner. With a few trays, my teeth were much straighter in a few months and have remained so thanks to wearing my retainer. I would recommend this treatment for anyone not happy with their smile but not wanting braces.

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