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Meet the Trace Ortho Team!

Tracie Thomas

Owner and Master Tech

Hello, my name is Tracie Thomas and I'm the owner of Trace Ortho Lab. Thanks for stopping by! About me, I’ve been in the dental industry since 1988 and have had the pleasure of working in orthodontics since 1994. I grew up in Gresham, Oregon; graduating from Sam Barlow High School in 1987 (Go Bruins!), followed by Mt. Hood Community College and later Portland Community College. I earned my Oregon Dental Assisting License, X-ray Certification, Expanded Functions Dental Assisting License, and later, my Orthodontic Expanded Functions Dental Assisting License. 


During the time I was attending classes for my career, I also worked as a dental/ sterilization assistant for a practice in the Portland area where I learned many skills I would use and perfect over the years. In 1994, I focused primarily on Orthodontic lab work, and in 1999, I started a position as an Orthodontic Assistant for a practice in Portland where I learned the orthodontic lab skills I would hone for the next 10 years. The practice for which I worked was led by two amazing doctors with about 25 employees and five offices, of which I handled the lab needs for before a new opportunity brought me North. ​


Over the years I honed my craft, fabricating Upper​ and Lower Holding Arches, Holding Arches with Exposure Loops, E-Arch Expanders, Rapid Palatal Expanders, TPA’s, Band and Loop Space Maintainers, Nances, Thumb Cribs, Distalizers, Quad Helix, W-Arches, Tongue positioning appliances, Circumferential Hawley Retainers, regular Hawley Re​tainers, and Hawley’s with pontics, *Catches breath* Essix Retainers, Reset Essix and Reset Hawleys, Apnea/ Snore Appliances, Nightguards and Sports Mouthguards, Flipper Appliances & clear Essix Retainers with pontics. I pour and trim study models and also enjoy doing cut and reset wax-ups for diagnostics.


When I moved to Seattle in February of 2010, I considered opening my own lab, but; not knowing what Seattle had in store for me, I decided to play it safe and get to know the dental community first. Consequently, I took an Orthodontic Assisting position on the East side where I was able to perform a bulk of the lab work as well as work chair side with patients again, a skill I believe sets me apart from other lab owners. During this time, I started performing lab work on the side for other offices until I felt it was finally right for me to start my own lab. Since then, I've allowed my business to grow slowly and steadily, which, in part, is what I attribute much of its success today. In addition to serving local practices, we take care of practices in Alaska and Oregon, and several outside our > 100 mile driving radius - so we're more than happy to ship anywhere! 


I would love the opportunity to ear​n your business and to provide your practice with an excellent service and product! I'm a perfectionist; always striving to do my very best work ​and to accommodate those with whom I work. I also have an excellent support staff who share my vision, attention to detail, and dedication to the Dentists, Orthodontists, and patients we have the pleasure of serving. I couldn't be prouder of our progress as a company, our repport as a team, or the calmness under pressure we face every day.


Working with doctors one-on-one to treat complicated cases and fabricating custom appliances is what I look forward to every day. I absolutely love what I do and I feel that no other lab can beat our level of customer service or the quality of our work. If we can be of service to you, your staff and your patients, we look forward to meeting you!​ 

         Thank you & Sincerely, Tracie Thomas

Ian Brewer

Acrylic Tech

Originally from Oklahoma, Ian worked on the production sets of several Native American films before moving to Seattle where he joined the Indie Dream Pop Band Seapony as their bass player, married his wife Lydia, and became step-father to 9 year old Rubie.

A cheesemaker with Beechers and a bedmaker at Soaring Hearts before an allergy forced him to find a new career, Ian found his way to Trace Ortho at the beginning of 2016 and we're hoping he never looks back! Starting as our Driver/Model Prep Tech, Ian was friendly in the clinics, careful on the road, and fastidious while on the clock. Arranging efficient drive routes, Ian was meticulous at pouring and trimming models, proving himself a quick study and a team player at every turn, Ian also expressed interest in taking on more responsibility. Upon learning of an upcoming opening in acrylic, Ian took the initiative to understudy with the previous tech before he moved, enabling him to move effortlessly into the department he now oversees. Ian has been a valuable asset and is our most senior employee.

Mike Hall

Delivery Scheduling / Driver

Mr. Hall has been the face of Trace Ortho in the field since August 2016, when boredom forced him out of retirement and into Trace Ortho Lab as our delivery driver. A grandfather and avid Seattle Seahawks football fan, Mr. Hall greets the lab dogs Loki and Sadie before and at the end of each shift. 

Nicholas Kellogg


Tracie's oldest son was 18 when she moved with his two younger brothers from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, WA where she worked in three different orthodontic practices before starting Trace Ortho Lab in 2011. As he was an adult, Nick made the decision to stay in Portland until September 2016 when he and his girlfriend, Jessi, moved to Seattle to understudy in his moms business. Now 25, Nick and Jessi have settled into their new city and are learning the orthodontic lab running ropes.

In addition to his on the job training fabricating Essix Retainers and Night Guards, Nick is anxious to design and manufacture Tracie's patent pending sports mouthguard, ShockShield MouthGuards, capable of absorbing concussive energy. In the meantime, he provides back-up duties pouring and trimming models, logging & panning cases, and picking up and delivering cases.

Jessica Rodriguez

Office Manager

A previous server at a retirement community, Jessi made the decision to move to Seattle from Gresham, Oregon, in September 2016 after she and Tracie's son Nick were offered full time positions to work for Trace Ortho Lab. Needing a dedicated office administer, Jessi has not disappointed as our choice; jumping right in, answering phones, learning the accounting system, invoicing and accounts receivable procedures, logging, panning & Pouring up incoming cases, managing the pick-up and delivery calendar, creating advertising material, preparing tax reports, and instruction manuals for various departments on the lab floor.... talk about above and beyond!

In her off hours, Jessi likes to play video games, read, listen to audio books & music and explore the neighborhood.

Deanna Thomas

Co-Owner & Goodie Box Baker

Married to Tracie since 2013, Deanna is responsible for ensuring that the administrative side of the lab runs smoothly She processes timecards, and enjoys preparing the Goodie Boxes exclusive to clients of Trace Ortho. Involved mom, dedicated wife, and supportive partner, Deanna manages Trace Ortho and ShockShield MouthGuards on the web and hopes to get the latter further off the ground in 2017.


Trace Ortho Lab Door Greeter

Sweet and loving, just give this big guy a minute and he'll greet you at the front door to say "hi."


Trace Ortho Lab Crumb Collector

Nothing says "clean kitchen" like a hungry doxiepoo. Sadie is a hoover around the kitchen and lunch room. She may have a little body but she has a BIG appetite. 

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