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Custom Appliances - Our Specialty!

One of the aspects of working so closely with the dentists and orthodontists we serve is the ability to collaborate with them on custom appliances for their patients. You can't just walk into a Mega Lab, or even many small labs for that matter, and discuss your unique needs with one of their Master Techs. Here at Trace Ortho, our Master Techs thrive on those opportunities.

For example, about a year and a half ago we had an orthodontist out of our 100 + mile delivery radius contact us about a very specific need he required to stay competitive in his market. After meeting and working with owner Tracie Thomas, they developed an appliance he refers to as "The Thomas Guide" on his rx's, and we couldn't tell you how proud that makes us. Thanks to the Post Office, we can meet his needs, as well as those of practices anywhere.

In addition, we serve the only Orthotropics specialist in the northwest, and she consults with us on the majority of the appliances she requires to treat her patients. We take her trust in our ability to aid in her treatment plans with the care and diligence her patients deserve. And don't your patients deserve perfectly fabricated appliances that will require little to no adjustment when he/she is in your chair? We think so, too.

Give us a call today at 206-659-2103 and see how our personalized attention can serve the needs of you, your staff, patients, and community.

Our YouTube video on a custom Modified Schwartz Expander

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