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Meet The Newest Team Member, Ian

Our new lab tech/afternoon driver, Ian, has been with the team since early January and is quickly becoming familar with the offices we work with and our strict procedures in the lab. A native Oklahoman, Ian worked on the set of several Native American films before moving to Seattle where he played bass for the Indie "Dream Pop" band Seapony and making cheese for Beechers and organic beds at Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company before an allergy brought him to Trace Ortho.

Newly married, Ian is a first time step-parent to a pre pre-teen (can you imagine the blog entries on that? Ahem, of course they are blog entries that will never be written. Here anyway :)) and has made a very transparent transition in to the lab and as the dependable delivery driver our clients are accustomed to as part of our superior product and service.

Look for Ian's bio to be added to our website staff page soon.


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